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Increase by continuous or repeated additions, or, if taken literally, means either profit accruing on sale of principal assets, or increase derived from their investment, or both. In re Wells' Will, 300 N.Y.S. 1075, 1078, 165 Misc. 385.

Adding of interest or income of a fund to principal pursuant to provisions of a will or deed, preventing its being expended. In re Watson's Will, 258 N.Y.S. 755, 144 Misc. 213.

When an executor or other trustee masses the rents, dividends, and other income which he receives, treats it as a capital, invests it, makes a new capital of the income derived therefrom, invests that, and so on, he is said to accumulate the fund, and the capital and accrued income thus procured constitute accumulations. Hussey v. Sargent, 116 Ky. 53, 75 S.W. 211, In re Rogers' Estate, 179 Pa. 609, 36 A. 340. See Perpetuity.

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