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Agreement; harmony; concord; conformity. Webster, Dict.; City and County of San Francisco v. Boyd, 22 Cal.2d 685, 140 P.2d 666, 668.

An act done .in accordance with a purpose once formed is not necessarily an act done in pursuance of such purpose, for the purpose may have been abandoned before the act was done. State v. Robinson, 20 W.Va. 713, 742. A charter providing that a city's power of taxation shall be exercised "in accordance with" the state Constitution and laws means in a manner not repugnant to or in conflict or inconsistent therewith. City of Norfolk v. Norfolk Landmark Pub. Co., 95 Va. 564, 28 S.E. 959, 960. The words "in accordance with this act" as used in N. M. Laws 1899, c. 22, § 25, dealing with validity of tax titles, was not improperly interpreted as meaning "under this act. Straus v. Foxworth, 231 U.S. 162, 34 S.Ct. 42, 44, 58 L.Ed. 168.

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