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To  go  along  with.  Webster's Diet. To go with or attend as a companion or associate, to occur in association with. United States v. Lee, C.C.A.Wis., 131. F.2d 464, 466.

The word has been defined judicially in cases involving varied facts; thus, a boy driver was held not accompanying the team when he was runnning to stop it. Willis v. Semmes, 111 Miss. 589, 71 So. 865, 866. A motion based on answer already deposited with the clerk of court is accompanied with copy of answer. Los Angeles County v. Lewis, 179 Cal. 398, 177 P. 154, 155. An automobile driver under sixteen is not accompanied by an adult person unless the latter exercises supervision over the driver. Rush v. McDonnell, 214 Ala. 47, 106 So. 175, 179. An unlicensed driver is not accompanied by a licensed driver unless the latter is near enough to render advice and assistance. Hughes v. New Haven Taxicab Co., 87 Conn. 416, 87 A. 721.

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