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Lat. In the civil law. From an intestate; from the intestate; in case of intes- tacy. Hcereditas ab intestato, an inheritance derived from an intestate. Inst.  2, 9, 6.  Successio ab intestato, succession to an intestate, or in case of intestacy. Id. 3, 2, 3; Dig. 38, 6, 1. This an- swers to the descent or inheritance of real estate at common law. 2 Bl.Comm. 490, 516; Story, Confl.Laws, § 480. "Heir ab intestato." 1 Burr. 420. The phrase "ab intestato" is generally used as the opposite or alternative of ex testamento, (from, by, or under a  will.)  Vel ex testamento, vel ab intestato [hcereditates] pertinent,—inheri- tances are derived either from a will or from an intestate, (one who dies without a will.) Inst. 2, 9, 6; Dig. 29, 4; Cod. 6, 14, 2.

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