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Lat. Collateral. Used in this sense in speaking of the succession to property. Bract. 20b, 62b. From, on, or at the side; collaterally. A latere ascendit ( jus). The right ascends collaterally. Justices of the Curia Regis are described as a latere regis residentes, sitting at the side of the King; Bract. fol. 108a; 2 Reeve, Hist. Eng.L. 250.

In Civil Law and by Bracton, a synonym for e transverso, across. Bract. fol. 67a.

Applied also to a process or proceeding. Keilw. 159. Out of the regular or lawful course; incidentally or casually. Bract. fol. 42b; Fleta, lib. 3, c. 15, § 13.

From the side of; denoting closeness of intimacy or connection; as a court held before auditors specialiter a latere regis destinatis. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 2, § 4.

Apostolic; having full powers to represent the Pope as if he were present. Du Cange, Legati, a latere; 4 Bla.Com. 306.

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