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A conspiracy, or confederation of men  for unlawful or violent deeds. See  Deupree v. Thornton, 97 Neb. 812, 151 N.W. 305, 307, L.R.A.1917C, 65.

In patent law.  A union of different elements. A patent may  be taken out for a new  combination of existing machines. Stevenson Co. v. Mc Fassell, C.C.A.Pa., 90 F. 707, 33 C.C.A. 249; Moore v. Schaw,  C.C.Cal., 118 F. 602; Moody  v. Fiske, 2 Mas. 112, Fed.Cas.No.9,745.

In patent law. A composition of old  or new elements, and it is patentable, if it produces new and useful results, though all its constituents  were well  known and  in common use  before it was made, provided the results are a product of the combination, and not a mere aggregate of several results. U. S. Industrial Chemical Co. v. Theroz Co., C.C.A.Md., 25 F.2d 387, 391.

The distinction between  a "combination" and an "aggregation" lies in the presence or absence of mutuality of action; a "combination" essentially requiring that there be some  joint operation performed by its elements, producing  a result due to their joint and cooperating action, while in an "aggregation" there is a mere adding  together of separate contributions, each operating independently of the other.  Ball v. Coker,  C.C.A.S.C., 210 F. 278, 282; Mead Morrision  Mfg. Co. v. Exeter Mach. Works, D.C.Pa., 215 F. 731.


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