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It is the bringing into the estate of an intestate an estimate of the value of advancements made by the intestate to his or her children in order that the whole may be divided in accordance with the statute of descents. In re Howlett's Estate, 275 Mich. 596, 267 N.W. 743, 744.
It is synonymous with "hotchpot." Moore v. Freeman, 50 Ohio St. 592, 35 N.E. 502.

Civil Law
The collation of goods is the supposed or real return to the mass of the succession which an heir makes of property which he received in advance of his share or otherwise, in order that such property may be divided together with the other effects of the succession. Civ.Code La. art. 1227; Miller v. Miller, 105 La. 257, 29 So. 802; Succession of Thompson, 9 La.Ann. 96.

The fundamental basis of doctrine is legal presumption that ancestor intended absolute equality among his descendants in final distribution of his property, that donation by him during his lifetime to any one of them was merely advancement d'hoirie or advance on done's hereditary share to establish him in life or for some other useful purpose, and that ancestor Intended to reestablish equality among his descendants in final partition of his estate. Le Blanc v. Volker, La.App., 198 So. 398, 401.

Ecclesiastical Law
The act by which the bishop who has the bestowing of a benefice gives it to an incumbent. 2 Bla.Com. 22.

The comparison of a copy with its original to ascertain its correctness; or the report of the officer who made the comparison.


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