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Jurisdiction, or the exercise of jurisdiction, or power to try and determine causes; judicial examination of a matter, or power and authority to make it. Clarion County v. Hospital, 111 Pa. 339, 3 A. 97.*

Judicial notice or knowledge; the judicial hearing of a cause; acknowledgment; confession; recognition.

Claim of cognizance or of conusance. See Claim of Cognizance or of Conusance.

Judicial cognizance. See Judicial.
The term also applies to a power granted by the king to a city or town to hold pleas within it. 11 East, 543; 1 W. Bla. 454; 3 Bla.Com. 298. An acknowledgment by defendant or deforciant in fine that the land belongs to, or is the right of, the complainant, 12 Ad. & El. 259. An answer in replevin, by which defendant acknowledges taking of the goods and want of title, but justifies on ground that the taking was by command of one entitled to the property. Lawes, Pl. 35; 2 Bla.Com. 350. Inhabitants of Sturbridge v. Winslow. 21 Pick., Mass., 87; Noble v. Holmes, 5 Hill, N.Y., 194.

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