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A generic term for domestic quadrupeds; animals used by man for labor or food. In its primary sense, it embraces horses, mares, geldings, foals, or fillies, asses, and mules, as well as animals of the ox kind or bovine species. Bell v. Erie R. Co., 183 App.Div. 608, 171 N.Y.S. 341, 343. The term may also include goats, swine, and sheep. Ash Sheep Co. v. U. S., 252 U.S. 159, 40 S.Ct. 241, 243, 64 L.Ed. 507. Calves running with their mothers are cattle. Peterson v. Citizens' Bank of Stuart, 117 Neb. 327, 220 N.W. 575, 577.

In the narrower, popular sense, animals of the bovine genus. State v. Eagling, 148 La. 75, 86 So. 658, 659; Gragg v. State, 112 Neb. 732, 201 N.W. 338, 340. This is the sense in which the term is generally used in the western United States, and it is said further that it is not generally, but may be, taken to mean calves, or animals younger than yearlings. State v. District Court of Fifth Judicial Dist. in and for Nye County, 42 Nev. 218, 174 P. 1023, 1025.

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