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v. In military law. To deprive a military officer of his rank and office.

n. An officer of a moneyed institution, or commercial house, or bank, who is intrusted with, and whose duty it is to take care of, the cash or money of such institution or bank. A custodian of the money of a bank, mercantile house, and the like. Miller v. State, 88 Tex.Cr. R. 69, 225 S.W. 379, 381, 12 A.L.R. 597.

The cashier of a bank is its chief executive officer. Pem Iscot County Bank v. Central-State Nat. Bank, 132 Tenn. ' 152, 177 S.W. 74, 75; Bank of Commerce of Chanute v. Sams, 96 Kan. 437, 152 P. 28, 29. He is its chief financial! Agent, through whom its principal financial dealings are conducted; Brown v. Mt. Holly Nat. Bank, 288 Pa. 478) 136 A. 773, 775; and is peculiarly that agency authorized to make loans and collections, whose special duty it is to give direction to and further the stockholders' interests; People's Bank of Calhoun v. Harry L. Winter, Inc., 161 Ga. 898, 132 S.E. 422, 424.

He receives and pays out its moneys, collects and pays its debts, and receives and transfers its commercial securities. Tellers and other subordinate officers may be appointed, but they are under his direction, and are, as it were, the arms by which designated portions of his various functions are discharged. Merchants' Nat. Bank v. State Nat. Bank, 10 Wall. 650, 19 L.Ed. 1008.

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