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In English ecclesiastical law.A court of appeal belonging to the Archbishop ofCanterbury, the  judge of which is called the "Dean of the  Arches," because his court wasanciently held in the church of Saint Mary-le-Bow, (Sancta Maria de  Arcubus,) so named from the steeple, which is raised upon pillars built archwise. 3 Bl.Comm. 64.

The court was formerly held in the hall belonging to the College of Civilians, commonly called "Doctors' Commons." It is now held in Westminster Hall. Its properjurisdiction is only over the thirteen peculiar parishes belonging to  the archbishop in London, but, the office of Dean of the Arches having been for a long time united with that of the archbishop's principal official, the Judge of the Arches, in right of such added office, it receives and determines appeals from the sentences of all inferior ecclesiastical courts within the province.


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