Definition of Exclusion

Denial of entry or admittance.

Evidence. The action by the trial judge in which he excludes from consideration by the trier of fact whatever he rules is not admissible as evidence. See also Exclusionary Rule.

Gift tax. The amount which a donor may transfer by gift each year without tax consequences. I.R.C. § 2503(b).

Insurance. In insurance policy, “exclusion” is provision which eliminates coverage where were it not for exclusion, coverage would have existed. Kansas-Nebras^ a Natural Gas Co., Inc. v. Hawkeye-Security Ins. Co., 195 Neb. 658, 240 N.W.2d 28, 31. Provision in policy specifying the situations, occurrences or persons not covered by the policy.

Witness. A trial judge may, under certain circumstances, sequester witnesses and require that they be kept apart from other witnesses until they are called to testify.

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