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Pieces of wood placed against the sides and bottom of the hold of a vessel, to preserve the cargo from the effect of leakage, according to its nature and quality. Abb. Shipp. 227.

There is considerable resemblance between dunnage and ballast. The latter is used for trimming the ship, and bringing it down to a draft of water proper, and safe for sailing.

Dunnage is placed under the cargo to keep it from being wetted by water getting into the hold, or between the different parcels to keep them from bruising and injuring each other. Great Western Ins. Co. v. Thwing, 13 Wall. 674, 20 L. Ed. 607; Richards v. Hansen, C.C. Mass., 1 F. 56. "Dunnage" belongs to the category of crating and boxing employed to protect more valuable artitles in shipment, the weight of which, unless some provision to the contrary appears in a tariff classification, naturally takes the rate applicable to the contents. "Dunnage" used in blocking and securing automobiles was held subject to the automobile rate and not to the lumber rate, under tariff classification providing charges shall be computed on gross weights. Butler Motor Co. v, Atchison, T. & S. F. Ry. Co., C.C.A. Mo., 272 F. 683, 684.

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