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adj. Sham; make believe; pretended; imitation. U. S. v. Warn, D.C. Idaho, 295 F. 328, 330. As respects basis for predicating liability on parent corporation for acts of subsidiary, "agency," "adjunct," "branch," "instrumentality," "dummy," "buffer," and "tool" all mean very much the same thing. Lowendahl v. Baltimore & 0. R. Co., 287 N.Y.S. 62, 74, 247 App. Div. 144.

noun. One who holds legal title for an- other; a straw man. Hegstad v. Wysiecki, 178 App. Div. 733, 165 N.Y.S. 898, 900. Space 61/2 feet in width between street railroad tracks. Schroeder v. Pittsburgh Rys. Co., 311 Pa. 398, 165 A.

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