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n. A movable section of a bridge, which may be raised up or turned to one side, so as to admit the passage of vessels. Gildersleeve v. Railroad Co., D.C.N.Y., 82 Fed. 766; A depression in the surface of the earth, in the nature of a shallow ravine or gulch, sometimes many miles in length, forming a channel for the escape of rain and melting snow draining into it from either side. Railroad Co. v. Sutherland, 44 Neb. 526. 62 N.W. 859.

v. To draw a firearm or deadly weapon is to point it intentionally. State v. Boyles, 24 N. M. 464, 174 P. 423. To draw a bead on; to bring into line with the bead or fore sight of a rifle and the hind sight; to aim at. Hatfield v. Commonwealth, 200 Ky. 243, 254 S.W. 748, 749.

To prepare a draft; to compose and write out in due form, as, a deed, complaint, petition, memorial, etc. Winnebago County State Bank v. Hustel, 119 Iowa 115, 93 N.W. 70.

To draw a jury is to select the persons who are 'to compose it, either by taking their names successively, but at hazard, from the jury box, or by summoning them individually to attend the court. Smith v. State, 34 So. 168, 136 Ala. 1.

In old criminal practice. To drag (on a hurdle) to the place of execution. Anciently no hurdle was allowed, but the criminal was actually dragged along the road to the place of execution. A part of the ancient punishment of traitors was to be thus drawn. 4 Bl.Comm. 92, 377.

In mercantile law. To draw a bill of exchange is to write (or cause it to be written) and sign it; to make, as a note. Knox v. Rivers Bros., 17 Ala.App. 630, 88 So. 33, 34.

In fiscal law and administration. To take out money from a bank, treasury, or other depository in the exercise of a lawful right and in a lawful manner. But to "draw a warrant" is not to draw the money; it is to make or execute the instrument which authorizes the drawing of the money. Brown v. Fleischner, 4 Or. 149.

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