Fraternal benefit association or society

Definition of Fraternal benefit association or society

One whose members have adopted the same, or a very similar, calling, avocation, or profession, or who are working in unison to accomplish some worthy object, and who for that reason have joined themselves together as an association or society to aid and assist one another, and to promote the common cause. Alpha Rho Alumni Ass’n v. City of New Brunswick, 126 N.J.L. 233, 18 A.2d 68, 70. A society or voluntary association organized and carried on for the mutual aid and benefit of its members, not for profit; which ordinarily has a lodge system, a ritualistic form of work, and a representative government, makes provision for the payment of death benefits, and (sometimes) for benefits in case of accident, sickness, or old age, the funds therefor being derived from dues paid or assessments levied on the members.

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