Exclusive Use

Definition of Exclusive Use

As used in law authorizing registration of trademarks means exclusive use not only of specific mark but also any other confusingly similar mark or term. McKesson & Robbins v. Charles H. Phillips Chemical Co., C.C.A.Conn., 53 F.2d 1011.

Exclusive use, as essential element of acquisition of easement by prescription, means that exercise of right shall not be dependent upon similar right in others, but use may be shared with owner of servient estate. White v. Wheatland Irr. Dist., Wyo., 413 P.2d 252, 260. Exclusive use, for purpose of establishing a right in easement by adverse user, does not mean use to exclusion of use by all others, but exclusive use under claim of right requires only that right claimed by adverse user be not dependent on right of any one else to use way and may be established by common user thereof with owner of servient land and without any subjective claim of right. Feldman v. Knapp, 196 Or. 453, 250 P.2d 92, 102.

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