Definition of Enemy

Adversary; e.g. military adversary. Enemy alien. An alien residing or traveling in a country which is at war with the country of which he is a national. Enemy aliens may be interned or restricted.

Enemy belligerent. Citizens who associate themselves with the military arm of an enemy government and enter the United States bent on hostile acts. Ex parte Quirin, App.D.C., 317 U.S. 1, 63 S.Ct. 2, 15, 87 L.Ed. 3.

Enemy's property. In international law, and particularly in the usage of prize courts, this term designates any property which is engaged or used in illegal intercourse with the public enemy, whether belonging to an ally or a citizen, as the illegal traffic stamps it with the hostile character and attaches to it all the penal consequences.

Public enemy. A nation at war with the United States; also every citizen or subject of such nation. Term however does not generally Include robbers, thieves, private depredators, or riotous mobs. The term has acquired, in the vocabulary of journalism and civic indignation, a more extended meaning, denoting a particularly notorious offender against the criminal laws, especially one who seems more or less immune from successful prosecution, or a social, health or economic condition or problem affecting the public at large, which is difficult to abate or control.

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