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The  portion of the  earth's surface occupied by an independent nation  or people, or the inhabitants of such  territory.

In its primary meaning "country" signifies "place;" and, in a larger sense, the territory or dominions  occupied by a community; or even waste and unpeopled  sections or regions of the earth.  But its metaphorical meaning is no less definite and well understood; and in common parlance, in historical and geographical writings, in diplomacy,  legislation, treaties, and international codes, the word is employed to denote the population,  the nation, the state, or the government,  having possession  and dominion over a territory. Stairs  v. Peaslee, 18 How. 521, 15 L.Ed.474; U. S. v. Recorder, 1 Blatchf. 218, 225, 5 N.Y.Leg.Obs. 286, Fed.Cas.No.16,129.

The  word "country" as used in treaties made by the United States government, in so far as it applies to the United  States,  means the states of such country.  Pagano v. Cerri, 93 Ohio St. 345, 112 N.E. 1037, 1039, L.R.A.1917A, 486.

In pleading and  practice. The  inhabitants of a district from  which  a jury is to be summoned; pais; a jury. 3 Bl.Comm. 349; 4 Bl. Comm. 349; Steph. Pl. 73, 78, 230.

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