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n. (Spelled, also, "Compter.") The name of two prisons formerly standing in London, but now demolished. They were the Poultry Counter and Wood Street Counter. Cowell; Whish.L.D.; Coke, 4th Inst. 248.

adj. Adverse; antagonistic; opposing or contradicting; contrary. Silliman v. Eddy, 8 How.Prac., N.Y., 122.

Counter-affidavit. An affidavit made and  presented in contradiction  or opposition to an affidavit which is made the basis or support  of a motion or application.

Counter-bond. In old  practice. A bond of indemnity.  2 Leon. 90.

Counterclaim. See that title.

Counter-deed. A secret  writing, either  before  a notary or under a private seal,  which destroys, invalidates,  or alters a public one.

Counter-letter. A species of instrument of defeasance common in the civil law. It is executed by a party who has taken a deed of property, absolute  on its face, but intended as security for a loan  of money, and  by it he agrees to reconvey the property on payment of a specified sum. The two instruments, taken together, constitute what is known  in Louisiana as an "antichresis," (q. v.). Karcher v. Karcher, 138 La. 288, 70 So. 228, 229; Livingston v. Story, 11 Pet. 351, 9 L.Ed. 746.

Counter-mark. A sign put upon  goods  already marked; also the several marks put upon  goods belonging to several persons, to show  that  they must not be opened,  but in the presence  of all the owners or their agents.

Counter-plea. See Plea.

Counter-security. A security given  to one who has  entered into  a bond or become surety for another; a countervailing bond  of indemnity.

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