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A dependent political community, con- sisting of a number of citizens of the same country who have emigrated therefrom to people another, and remain subject to the mother-country. U. S. v. The Nancy, 3 Wash.C.C. 287, Fed.Cas.No.15,854.

A settlement in a foreign country possessed and cultivated, either wholly or partially, by immigrants and their descendants, who have a political connection with and subordination to the mothercountry, whence they emigrated. In other words, it is a place peopled from some more ancient city or country. Wharton.

Colonial Office
In the English government, this is the department of state through which the sovereign appoints colonial governors, etc., and communicates with them. Until the year 1854, the secretary for the colonies was also secretary for war.

Colonial Laws
In America, this term designates the body of law in force in the thirteen original colonies be- fore the Declaration of Independence. In Eng- land, the term signifies the laws enacted by Cana- da and the other present British colonies.

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