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An organized assembly or collection of persons, established by law, and empowered to cooperate for the performance of some special function or for the promotion of some common object, which may be educational, political, ecclesiastical, or scientific in its character.

The assemblage of the cardinals at Rome is called a "college." So, in the United States, the body of presidential electors is called the "electoral college."

In the most common use of the word, it designates an institution of learning (usually incorporated) which offers instruction in the liberal arts and humanities and in scientific branches, but not in the technical arts or those studies preparatory to admission to the professions. Corn. v. Banks, 198 Pa. 397, 48 A. 277; Chegaray v. New York, 13 N.Y. 229. Also applied to all kinds of institutions from universities, or departments thereof to "business colleges," "barber colleges," etc. State v. Erickson, 75 Mont. 429, 244 P. 287, 291.

In England, it is a civil corporation, company or society of men, having certain privileges, and endowed with certain revenues, founded by royal license. An assemblage of several of these colleges is called a "university." Wharton.

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