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A collection, compendium or revision of laws. Chumbley v. People's Bank & Trust Co., 60 S.W.2d 164, 166,. 166 Tenn. 35. A complete system of positive law, scientifically arranged, and promulgated by legislative authority. Abbott; a system of rules. Wilentz v. Crown Laundry Service, 172 A. 331, 332, 116 N.J.Eq. 40. Any systematic body of law. Wall v. Close, 14 So.2d 19, 26, 203 La. 345.

A "Code" implies compilation of existing laws, systematic arrangement into chapters, subheads, table of contents, and index, and revision to harmonize 'conflicts, supply omissions, and generally clarify and make complete body of laws designed to regulate completely subjects to which they relate. Gibson v. State, 214 Ala. 38, 106 So. 231, 35:

The collection of laws *and constitutions made by order of the Emperor Justinian is distinguished by the appellation of "The Code," by way of eminence. See Code of Justinian.

A code is to be distinguished from a digest. Digests of statutes consist of a collection of existing statutes, while a code is promulgated as one new law covering the whole field of jurisprudence.

Code civil. The code which embodies the civil law of France.

It was promulgated in 1804. When Napoleon became emperor, the name was changed to "Code Napoleon," by which it is still often designated, though it is now officially styled by its original name of "Code Civil."

Code de commerce. A French code, enacted in 1807, as a supplement to the Code Napoleon, regulating commercial transactions, the laws of business, bankruptcies, and the jurisdiction and procedure of the courts dealing with these subjects.

Code de procedure civil. That part of the Code Napoleon which regulates the system of courts, their organization, civil procedure, special and extraordinary remedies, and the execution of judgments.

Code d'instruction criminelle. A French code, enacted In 1808, regulating criminal procedure.

Code Napoleon. See Code Civil.

Code noir. Fr. The black code. A body of laws which formerly regtilated the institution of slavery in the French colonies.

Code of Justinian. The Code of Justinian (Codex Justinianeus) was a collection of imperial constitutions, compiled, by order of that emperor, by a commission, and promulgated A. D. 529. It comprised twelve books, and was the first of the four compilations of law which make up the Corpus Juris Civilis. This name is often met in a connection indicating that the entire Corpus Juris Civilis is intended, or, sometimes, the Digest; but its use should be confined to the Codex.

Code penal. The penal or criminal code of France, enacted in 1810.

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