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To conduct, prosecute or continue a particular avocation or business as a continuous operation or permanent occupation. The repetition of acts may be sufficient. Lichtenstein v. State, 34 Ga.App. 138, 128 S.E. 704; Ledgerwood v. Dashiell, Tex.Civ.App., 177 S.W. 1010, 1012; Martin v. Bankers' Trust Co., 18 Ariz. 55, 156 P. 87, 90, Ann.Cas.1918E, 1240; Territory v. Harris, 8 Mont. 140, 19 P. 286; Hutch- ings v. Burnet, 61 App.D.C. 109, 58 F.2d 514. To hold one's self out to others as engaged in the selling of goods or services. Helvering v. Highland, C.C.A.4, 124 F.2d 556, 561.

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