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Contract Language, as used in contract, means demand for pay- ment of, especially  by formal notice. Keyes v. Kimmel, 9 N.J.Misc.R. 604, 155 A. 19, 20.

Conveyancing, a visible natural object or landmark designated in a patent, entry, grant, or other conveyance of lands, as a limit or boundary to the land described, with which the points of surveying must corres- pond. Also the courses and distances designated. King v. Watkins, C.C.Va., 98 Fed. 922. See, also, Kentucky Union Co. v. Shepherd, 192 Ky. 447, 234 S.W. 10, 13.

Corporation Law, a demand by directors upon subscribers  for shares for payment of a portion or installment; in this sense, it is capable of three meanings: (1) The resolution of the directors to levy the assess- ment; (2) its notification to the persons liable to pay; (3) the time when it becomes payable. Rail- way Co. v. Mitchell, 4 Exch. 543; Hatch v. Dana, Iii., 101 U.S. 205, 25 L.Ed. 885; Stewart v. Pub. Co, Wash.St. 521, 20 P. 605. Although the terms "call"  and "assessment" are often used synonymously, the latter term applies  with peculiar aptness to contributions above  the par value  of stock  or the subscription liability of the stockholders. Porter v. Northern Fire & Marine  Ins. Co., 36 N.D. 199, 161 N.W. 1012, 1014. See Assessment.

Dealings in Futures, deposit of more margin. Fenner v. Tucker, 213 N.C. 419, 196 S.E. 357, 359.

Dealings in Securities or Grain, option or right to demand a certain amount of securities or grain at a fixed price at or within certain time agreed on. Colston v. Burnet, 61 App. D.C. 192, 59 F.2d 867, 868; Dillon, Read & Co. v. Hoey, D.C.N.Y., 45 F.Supp. 475, 477.

English Law, the election of students to the degree of bar- rister at law, hence the ceremony or epoch of elec- tion, and the number of persons elected.

Mutual Act or Benefit Association Certificate, official declaration that payment is required or demand for payment. Pasley v. Brady Mut. Life Ass'n, Tex.Civ.App., 2 S.W.2d 278, 279.


To summon  or demand  by name; to demand the presence and participation of a number of persons by calling aloud their names, either in a prearranged  and systematic order or in a succession determined by chance. Terms "called" and  "sold" as equivalent. In re Gyllstrom's Will, 15 N.Y.S.2d 801, 808, 172 Misc. 655.

Call of the House, a call of the names of members of a legislative body in pursuance of a resolution requiring attendance of members.

Calling a Summons, in Scotch practice. See this described in Bell, Dict.

Calling an Election, commonly construed as including, or as being synonymous with, the giving of notice of the election. State v. Hall, 73 Or. 231, 144 P. 475, 478; People v. Gough, 260 Ill. 542, 103 N.E. 685, 686.

Calling the Docket, the public calling of the docket or list of causes at commencement of term of court for setting a time for trial or entering orders of continuance, default, nonsuit, etc. Blanchard v. Ferdinand, 132 Mass. 391.

Calling the Jury, successively drawing out of a box the names of the jurors on the panels annexed to the nisi prius record,  and calling them over in the order in which they are so drawn.

Calling the Plaintiff, a formal method of causing a nonsuit to be entered. When a plaintiff or his counsel, seeing that sufficient evidence has not been given to maintain the issue, withdraws, the crier is ordered to call or demand the plaintiff, and if neither he, nor any person  for him appear,  he is nonsuited. The phrase "let the plaintiff  be called" is to be explained by reference to this practice. See 3 Bla. Comm. 376; 2 C. & P. 403; Porter v. Perkins, 5 Mass. 236, 4 A.d.c. 52.

Calling to Testify, under certain statutes, when adversary takes the witness' deposition, Allen v. Pollard, 109 Tex. 536, 212 S.W. 468; Clayton v. Ogden State Bank, 82 Utah 564, 26 P.2d 545, 548; or when he files interrogatories to the witness stating that his deposition will be taken in answer thereto, Wyatt Chambers, Tex.Civ. App., 182 S.W. 16, 18.

Calling to the Bar, in English practice. Conferring the dignity or degree of barrister at law upon a member of one of the inns of court. Holthouse. "Calls to the bench and bar are to be made by the most ancient, being a reader, who is present at supper on call night." 1 Black Books of Lincoln's Inn. 339.

Calling Upon a Prisoner, when a prisoner has been found guilty on an indictment, the clerk of the court addresses him and calls upon him to say why judgment should not be passed upon him.

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