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The established order of the division of time into years, months, weeks, and days; or a systematized enumeration of such arrangement; an almanac. Rives v. Guthrie, 46 N.C. 86; Sculley v. Red Lodge Rosebud Irr. Dist., 83 Mont. 282, 272 P. 543, 552.

Calentar Days, a calendar day contains 24 hours but "calendar days" may be synonymous with "working days." Sherwood v. American Sugar Refining Co., C.C. A.N.Y., 8 F.2d 586, 588. The time from midnight to midnight, Lanni v. Grimes, 173 Misc. 614, 18 N. Y.S.2d 322, 327. So many days reckoned according to the course of the calendar.

Calendar Month, one of the months of the year as enumerated in the calendar. Daley v. Anderson, 7 Wyo. 1, 48 P. 840, 75 Am.St.Rep. 870.

Calendar Week, a block of seven days registered on calendar beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday. Sonoma County v. Sanborn, 1 Cal.App.2d 26, 36 P.2d 419, 422. Term may consist of any seven days of given month. Sonoma County v. Sanborn, 1 Cal.App.2d 26, 36 P.2d 419, 422.

Calendar Year, the period from January 1 to December 31, inclusive. Byrne v. Bearden, 27 Ga.App. 149, 107 S. E. 782, 783; Application of Title Guarantee  & Trust Co., 183 Misc. 490, 48 N.Y.S. 374, 375. Ordinarily calendar year means 365 days except leap year, and is composed of 12 months varying in length. Shaffner v. Lipinsky, 194 N.C. 1, 138 S.E. 418, 419; United  States,  for Use of Strona  v. Bussey, D.C.Cal., 51 F.Supp. 996, 999. "Calendar year preceding election" means year beginning January 1 and ending  December 31. People  v. Milan,  89 Colo. 556, 5 P.2d 249, 253.

Calendar of Causes, a list of the causes instituted in the particular court, and now ready for trial, drawn up before beginning of the term. It is sometimes called the "trial list," or "docket."'

Calendar of Prisoners, in English practice. A list kept by the sheriffs containing the names of all the prisoners in their custody, with the several judgments against each in the margin. Staundef.P.C. 182; 4 Bl.Comm. 403.

Special Calendar, a calendar or list of causes, containing those set down specially for hearing, trial, or argument.

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