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Kindred; consanguinity; family rela- tionship; relation by descent from a common an- cestor. Swasey v. Jaques, 144 Mass. 135, 10 N.E. 758, 59 Am.Rep. 65.A person may be said to be "of the blood" of another who has any, however small a portion, of the blood derived from a common ancestor, Miller v. Grimes, 262 Pa. 226, 105 92, thus including half blood as well as whole blood, Gardner's Estate v. Gardner, 42 Utah, 40, 129 P. 360, 361. All persons are of the blood of an ancestor who may, in the absence of other and nearer heirs, take by descent from that ancestor. Cornell v. Child, 156 N.Y.S. 449, 452, 170 App.Div. 240.


A term denoting the degree of relationship which exists between those who have the same father or the same mother, but not both parents in common.

Mixed Blood

A person is "of mixed blood" who is descended from ancestors of different races or nationalities; but particularly, in the United States, the term de- notes a person one of whose parents (or more re- mote ancestors) was a negro. U. S. v. First Nat. Bank of Detroit, Minn., 234 U.S. 245, 34 S.Ct. 846,848, 58 L.Ed. 1298.

Whole Blood

Kinship by descent from the same father and mother; as distinguished from half blood, which is the relationship of those who have one parent in common, but not both.

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