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A space which separates. Hobson v. Postal Telegraph Cable Co., 161 Tenn. 419, 32 S.

W.2d 1046. Strictly applicable • only with reference to two things, but this may be understood as including cases in which a number of things are discriminated collectively as two wholes, or as taken in pairs, or where one thing is set off against a number of others. In re McShane's Will, 286 N.Y.S. 680, 682, 158 Misc. 777. Sometimes used synonymously with "among". In re Moore's Estate, 157 Pa.Super. 296, 43 A.2d 359.

As a measure or indication of distance, this word has the effect of excluding the two termini. Morris & E. R. Co. v. Central R. Co., 31 N.J.Law, 212.

If an act is to be done "between" two certain days, it must be performed before the commencement of the latter day. In computing the time in such a case, both the days named are to be excluded. Hodges v. Filstrup, 94 Fla. 943, 114 So. 521, 522. But a clause in a contract of sale to the effect that the purchaser could require the vendor to repur- chase between the fifth and sixth year from a certain date means during the sixth year. Van Demark v. California Home Extension Ass'n, 43 Cal.App. 685, 185 P. 866, 868.

In case of a devise to A. and B. "between them," these words create a tenancy in common. Lashbrook v. Cock, 2 Mer. 70.

Between equal equities the law must prevail. This is hardly of general application.

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