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Of the highest quality; of the greatest usefulness for the purpose intended. For example:

The "best bid" of interest by a prospective depositary of school funds would not necessarily be the highest bid, but, looking to the solvency of the bidder, the bond tendered, and all the circumstances surrounding the transaction, the safety and preservation of the school fund, the "best bid" might be the lowest bid. Donna Independent School Dist. First State Bank of Donna, Tex.Civ.App., 227 S.W. 974, 975.

Where one covenants to use his "best endeavors," there is no breach if he is prevented by causes wholly beyond his control and without any default on his part. 7 H. & N. 92.

The "best interests" of a child whose custody is in question has reference more particularly to the moral welfare than to mere comforts, benefits, or advantages that wealth can give. Jones v. Moore, 61 Utah, 383, 213 P. 191, 194. The "best interests" of an estate mean the greatest or most advantage or usefulness to such estate. Stockyards Nat. Bank of South Omaha v. Bragg, 67 Utah, 60, 245 P. 966, 971.

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