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Some; one out of many; an indefinite number. State v. Pierson, 204 Iowa 837, 216 N. W. 43, 44. One indiscriminately of whatever kind or quantity. Federal Deposit Ins. Corporation v. Winton, C.C.A.Tenn., 131 F.2d 780, 782. One or some (indefinitely). Slegel v. Siegel, 135 N.J.Eq. 5, 37 A.2d 57, 58. "Any" does not necessarily mean only one person, but may have reference to more than one or to many. Doherty v. King, Tex.Civ. App., 183 S.W.2d 1004, 1007. As a synonym for "some". Kayser v. Occidental Life Ins. Co. of California, 234 Iowa 310, 12 N.W.2d 582, 587.

It is often synonymous with "either", State v. Antonio, 3 Brev. (S.C.) 562; Carr-Lowry Lumber Co. v. Martin, 144 Miss. 106, 109 So. 849, 850. And is given the full force of "every" or "all", Glen Alden Coal Co. v. City of Scranton, 282 Pa- 45, 127 A. 307, 308; Southern Ry. Co. v. Gaston County, 200 N.C. 780, 158 S.E. 481. Its generality may be restricted by the context, Drainage Dist. No. 1 of Bates County v. Bates County, Mo.Sup., 216 S.W. 949, 953. Thus, the giving of a right to do some act "at any time" is commonly construed as meaning within a reasonable time. Paulson v. Weeks, 80 Or. 468, 157 P. 590, 592, Ann.Cas. 1918D, 741. And the words "any other" following the enumeration of particular classes are to be read as "other such like," and include only others of like kind or character. Southern Ry. Co. v. Columbia Compress Co., C.C.A.S.C., 280 F. 344, 348.


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