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Manors which in the time of William the Conqueror were in the hands of the crown, and are so recorded in the Domesday Book. Fitzh.Nat.Brev. 14, 56; Baker v. Wich, 1 Salk. 56.

Also a species of copyhold, which differs, however, from common copyholds in certain privileges, but yet must be conveyed by surrender, according to the custom of the manor.

There are three sorts : (1) Where the lands are held freely by the king's grant; (2) customary freeholds, which are held of a manor in ancient demesne, but not at the lord's will, although they are conveyed by surrender, or deed and admittance; (3) lands held by copy of court-roll at the lord's will, denominated copyholds of base tenure. Tenure in ancient demesne may be pleaded in abatement to an action of ejectment. Rust v. Roe, 2 Burr. 1046.


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