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What is AMOUNT IN CONTROVERSY? Definition of AMOUNT IN CONTROVERSY in Black's Law Dictionary

The damages claimed or relief demanded; the amount claimed or sued for. Glenwood Light & Water Co. v. Mutual Light, Heat & Power Co., 239 U.S. 121, 36 S.Ct. 30, 60 L.Ed. 174; Smith v. Giles, 65 Tex, 341; Wabash Ry. Co. v. Vanlandingham, C.C.A.Mo., 53 F.2d 51.

Value of property. Peterson v. Sucro, C.C.A.N.C., 93 F.2d 878, 114 A.L.R. 890. Value of the property interest in trade-name. Beneficial Industrial Loan Corporation v. Kline, C.C.A.Iowa, 132 F.2d 520, 525. Value of the object sought to be gained by the suit. Boesenberg v. Chicago Title & Trust Co., C.C.A.I11., 128 F.2d 245, 246. Aggregate amount of all causes of action properly joined in action at law. Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Brent, D.C.N.Y., 2 F.Supp. 425, 426. Contra. Plaintiffs' claims could not be aggregated for jurisdictional purposes. Independence Shares Corporation v. Deckert, C.C.A.Pa., 108 F.2d 51, 53.


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