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An  inclusive  term,  bringing  within its scope and meaning anything that a person may do. Walker v. United States, C.C.A.Mo., 93 F.2d 383, 391.

A person's concerns in trade or property; business. Bragaw v. Bolles, 51 N.J.Eq. 84, 25 A. 947. That which is done or to be clone. Wicks v. City and County of Denver, 61 Colo. 266, 156 P. 1100, 1103. A corporation's borrowing money, and methods of obtaining loans. Cameron v. First Nat. Bank, Tex.Civ.App., 194 S.W. 469, 470. Person and estate of alleged incompetent. State ex rel. Bevan v. Wil- liams, 316 Mo. 665, 291 S.W. 481, 482. General operations carried on by an employer. Gocs v. Thomas E. Coale Coal Co., 142 Pa.Super. 479, 16 A.2d 720, 723.


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