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View; opinion; the counsel given by lawyers to their clients; an opinion expressed as to wisdom of future conduct. Hughes v. Van Bruggen, 44 N.M. 534, 105 P.2d 494, 496.

The word has several different meanings, among others, as follows : Information or notice given; intelligence ;— usually information communicated by letter ;—Chiefly as to drafts or bills of exchange ; as, a letter of advice.— Advice implies real or pretended knowledge, often pro- fessional or technical, on the part of the one who gives it. Provident Trust Co. v. National Surety Co., D.C.Pa., 44 F.Supp. 514, 515.

The instruction usually given by one merchant or banker to another by letter, informing him of shipments made to him, or of bills or „drafts drawn on him, with particulars of date, or sight, the sum, and the payee. Bills presented for ac- ceptance or payment are frequently dishonored for want of advice.

Letter of advice is a communication from one person to another, advising or warning the latter of something which he ought to know, and commonly apprising him before- hand of some act done by the writer which will ultimately affect the recipient. Chit. Bills, 162.


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